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Biology Mock Test Set 1

हेल्लो दोस्तों इस पोस्ट में हम Biology Mock Test Set 1 के बारे में बता रहे है जो आपको जरुर पसंद आएँगे। ये प्रश्न उत्तर सभी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं में पूछे जाते है जैसे UPSC, SSC, Railway, State Services, NDA, CDS, HSSC आदि। उम्मीदवार नीचे दिए गए लिंक से प्रश्नोत्तरी की कोशिश कर सकते हैं। परीक्षा की अच्छी व जल्दी  तैयारी करने के लिए उन उम्मीदवारों को प्रैक्टिस सेट, मॉक टेस्ट, ऑनलाइन टेस्ट इत्यादि की जरूरत पड़ेगी यहा हम Biology Mock Test Set 1 दे रहे है इन्हे जरूर पढ़े

हम यहा आपको सभी परीक्षाओ से जुड़े भारतीय संविधान के महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न उत्तर दे रहे है जिससे आप को इन्हें पढने में कोई परेशानी नही होगी आपको Suggest करुंगा की आप इस पोस्ट को अपनें Bookmark में Save कर लीजिये और जब भी आपको Time मिले तो इसे अच्छे से पढिये क्योंकि ये सभी प्रश्न उतर बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण है।

1. Hashish is obtained from a plant
2. Pituitary gland is located in-
3. Which one of the following is a female sex hormone?
4. Maximum photosynthetic activity occurs in:
5. Clove, the commonly-used spice, is obtained from the
6. A plant with compound leaves is
7. The age of trees is determined by its:
8. Rod shaped bacteria is called
9. The area of the human tongue sensitive to bitterness is restricted to:
10. Amniocentesis is a method for:
11. In a human body, the longest bone is in the
12. The cross-section of a stem of tree has fifty rings, what is the age of the tree?
13. Which of the following food items is rich in iron?
14. Who amongst the following was awarded Nobel Prize for path breaking contributions to devel op treatment against Parkinson's disease?
15. Onion is a modified form of
16. What are the basic units from which human spare parts can be created?
17. Why excessive heating and repeated use of cooking oil is most undesirable?
18. Water in plants is trans-ported by
19. Adherent mucoid alkaline substance covering the inner lining of stomach is to
21. Which wood will become useless soon after exposing in the open air?
22. Which among the following elements increases the absorption of water and calcium in plants?
23. Which of the following diseases is caused by a virus?
24. Why radiologists do not take di- rect X-ray photographs of intes- tine?
25. Angora wool is extracted from
26. The branch of agriculture which deals with the feeding, shelter health and breeding of the domestic animals is called
27. By which the sex of a child is determined before birth?
28. What is a Sponge?
29. Edward Jenner is associated with
30. What is the limit of MG/DL of blood sugar in the normal per son at the time of fast?
31. The pollination of maize takes place by
32. The animal which has become extinct recently in India happens to be
33. Which of the following hormone is released in excess quantity during excitement?
34. Where is the Botanical Survey of India headquartered?
35. Labourers who do hard manual labour develop thick skin on their palms and soles due to:
36. Which of the following diseases affects women easily than that of men ?
37. Our bones and teeth are gener ally made of
38. Which of the following is the largest living bird?
39. During photosynthesis the liberated gas is
40. Which was the first antibiotic?
41. Exobiology deals with the study of:
42. Which one of the following is not a digestive enzyme?
43. AIDS virus has:
44. Reserpine is used to:
45. Fruits of this plant are found underground
46. What is the chromosome number in a human ovum?
47. Which of the following is true?
48. Clove, the commonly used spice, is obtained from the:
49. Which one of the following substances is used for preservation of food grains?
50. Pencillin is extracted from
51. A clone is a colony of
52. Which organ of the body never rests?
53. Which of the following blood cells is compulsory for blood coagulation?
54. Kidney disease in man is caused by the pollutant
55. 'ELISA' test is employed to diag nose:
56. What may be the cause of mal- functioning of thyriod gland?
57. Fermentation is a process of decomposition of an organic compound by
58. The disease caused by Asbestos is :
59. The element which is the most abundant in the human body is
60. A 'breath test used by traffic police to check drunken driving uses:
61. How many feet has a crab got ?
62. Quantity of fresh air required for a man is
63. Which of the following blood groups may be present in the children of a couple having blood groups A and B, respectively?
64. Which of the following is not re quired for seed germination?
65. A rare and endangered animal in Silent Valley is:
66. Animals do not have enzyme sys tems which enable them to make use of the energy from
67. Virus contains
68. Sweetex used by the diabetic patients has energy content of
69. Which is the effect of antigen in an ill person?
70. The presence of what distinguishes a plant cell from an animal cell?
71. The pollen grains of flowers pol- linated by insects are

72. Which of the following is NOT one of the important steps in processing tea leaves?

73. Night blindness results from the deficiency of-

74. Which of the following is most important for growth of children upto the age of 14?
75. Which one of the following is NOT a function of kidney?
76. Where are the Eucalyptus trees found in abundance?
77. Which among the following is a large spectrum Antibiotic?
78. Which organ of the body never rests?
79. Which among the following helps in circulation of blood?
80. In the eye, colour vision is effected by the presence of
81. Typhoid fever is caused by
82. Dehydration in human body is caused due to the loss of
83. The scientist who explained about blood circulation for the first time was
84. In the case of test tube babies
85. Fruits of this plant are found underground
86. Which of the following is NOT included in the Technology Mission?
87. The Theory of Evolution' was put forward by
88. What kind of soil is treated with gypsum to make it suitable for cropping?
89. In which part of the eye lies the pigment that decides the colour of the eyes of a person?
90. Pathogenic bacteria secrete
91. The element which is the most abundant in the human body is:
92. Oxygen liberated during photo- synthesis is coming from:
93. All the progeny obtained from a single plant by vegetative propagation are called
94. Which one of the following is found only in women?
95. Which is the gland that holds the body's thermostat?
96. Who discovered sex hormones?
97. What are the blood corpuscles that help to build up resistance against diseases?
98. Who discovered Cholera germs?
99. Which of the following is known as Vitamin B1?
100. Which of the following blood group is a universal reciptient?

यहा इस लेख में हमने Biology Mock Test Set 1 के बारे में बताया है। जो SSC, UPSC, CET, Bank Exams, HSSC State Services, NDA, CDS, Railway, प्रांतीय सिविल सेवा, प्रांतीय न्यायिक सेवा प्रश्न उतर में आपके लिए बहुत फयदेमन्द है मुझे उम्मीद है कि ये आपको पसंद आएगी। अगर आपको ये “Important Biology Quiz″ के बारे में दी जानकारी पसंद है तो हमारे फेसबुक पेज को लाइक और शेयर जरुर करें। और नवीनतम अपडेट के लिए हमारे साथ बने रहे।

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